La Palabra Del Dia

Welcome to my blog. I am Gordon Thomas and the blog is all about my new novel ‘The Harpist of Madrid’.

This is to tell you that Fernando Perez Cos, a well known teacher of Spanish, kindly mentioned my book last Tuesday (29th November) on his daily e-mail broadcast, called La Palabra Del Dia.

In this e-mail, Fernando gives you a new Spanish word each day and some useful examples of its usage. That day the word was ‘ el arpista’, Spanish for the harpist. The example he gave was the title of my book! He also said some kind words about it.

If you are interested in widening your Spanish vocabulary, you could get Fernando to put you on his e-mail list. His web page is at . You will see that he does Spanish courses as well, for a very reasonable price!

Thank you very much for introducing the word ‘el arpista’ that day, Fernando!


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