Chapter 13

Welcome to my blog. It’s all about my recent book, The Harpist of Madrid. Welcome back if you’ve dropped by before!

A number of readers have found chapter 13 to be an hilarious diversion and many have enjoyed this rather naughty and rumbustious episode. Several have asked me why I included it when it adds not a lot to the main thread of the story. Well, here is the answer!

There is a lot of detail in The Harpist of Madrid and this makes a serious demand on the reader. For example, there are all the Spanish names of the characters, the names of the streets and the large number of connected events. So I thought chapter 13 would form an entertaining interlude, shall we say! To give you, the reader, a break. Not only that, it gave me the opportunity to say something about the character of Francisco, Juan Hidalgo’s brother. And, of course to say something about his well-known prowess as a lover, enhanced by his amazing gift of nature!

In my first draft of the novel, I included a chapter on the contemporary history of Spain. But this didn’t fit in at all with the rest of the book and I binned it! But chapter 13 survives and seems a popular part of the novel, even though it is something of a distraction!


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