The Streets of old Madrid

Welcome to my blog or back again, if you’ve been here before!In my novel, Juan Hidalgo is the main character and he mentions many different street names in the city. You the reader will be wondering whether they are the actual names or whether I made some or all of them up. Actually they are all the correct names.

Map of 17th century Madrid
Map of 17th century Madrid

I discovered this website in which a map of Madrid, drawn in 1636 by the Portuguese cartographer, Pedro Texeira, is reproduced in full. It has not only the street names but gives the addresses of about 2000 inhabitants and what they did for a living. For example, it shows you the house which Diego Velazquez the painter lived in! I used the map freely when writing the novel.

If you want to locate some streets and the people who lived in them go to


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