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Welcome to my blog or back again if you have dropped by before.

This is just to let you know that my recent novel, The Harpist of Madrid, is for sale at the W H Smith Sutton Branch at 118 High Street, Sutton, Surrey. I am absolutely delighted and immensely grateful that W H Smith have given me this wonderful opportunity. I saw the book on the shelves there today and felt really humbled to have my book on display alongside books such as the ever enchanting ‘Gone with the Wind’ and Sophie Page’s touching story, ‘To Marry a Prince’. So you can better share my joy, I’ve loaded up these pictures I took in the shop.

But best of all, this Branch of W H Smith has agreed that they will organise a book signing for me! This is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 3rd March between 11am and 3pm. I am pleased that this happens to be World Book Day so the Branch is doing everything it can to promote book sales then. If you decide to come along, bring your children, grandchildren, nephews and neices. This is because the day is specially aimed at encouraging children to read books. What a great idea.

My book is ‘on trial’ at the branch. This means that, if the signing and direct sales from the shelves go well, I will be in a good position to recommend to W H Smith’s Head Office that they make the Harpist available for sale nationwide. That would be such a boost because W H Smith is one of the leading book sellers in the UK.

Finally, a big thank you to the manager, Simon Bruckland, and to Sarah Wiseman at the Branch for giving me and The Harpist such a brilliant opportunity. By the way, if you need further information, do pop into the shop and ask Sarah in the book department or give her a ring on 0208-643-4512. (Sarah is not available Tuesdays or weekends)

Gordon, 6th February, 2012


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