Announcing Esmeralda

Possible cover

Welcome to my blog, or back again if you’ve been here before!

Up to now, I have told you only about The Harpist of Madrid, my first novel, which was published by Olympia in November. I thought it was time I said that I am about two thirds of the way through my second novel! The new one is likely to be called The Emerald of Burgos, or something like that.

When I reached chapter 4 of The Harpist I came across a character called Esmeralda Pechada de Burgos – I suppose you could say I invented her. She is a retired lady of pleasure and shows Juan Hidalgo around her beautiful body and shows him the intricacies of making love. She is a very strong minded woman. It wasn’t long before I decided she would be the main character in my second book. You may know that esmeralda is Spanish for emerald and that is the meaning of her name. More about her later!


2 thoughts on “Announcing Esmeralda

  1. Read the book and loved it!!! A bit saucy but a thoroughly good read.Cannot wait to see what Esmeralda gets up to !!!!!!!!Glad your signing went well,the pictures are really good.From another Janetx

  2. Thank you, Another Janet, for leaving such a lovely comment! I’m three quarters of the way through ‘The Emerald of Burgos’ so you may know sooner rather than later! I think I know which Another Janet you are! Gordonx

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