Book signing in W H Smith!

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Window display
Window display

Lovely Jan (my wife) and I felt really nervous as we made our way to W H Smith in Sutton High Street for the signing, mainly because we’d never done anything like it before!

Sarah had laid out the books in a beautiful and very attractive display,  close to the check-outs so in prime position. We started dead on 11 am and by midday had sold 8 copies. I soon discovered that the only way this would work was by approaching the customers. No one would just come up to me to buy one. I asked dozens of people whether they’d be interested and many were and wanted to talk about the book.

Then there was a dead time from about 12.15 until 1.45. I couIdn’t persuade anyone to buy! I held this one copy in my hand for so long it warmed right through and I had to change it! Then another burst of activity, interesting questions and friendly banter. Jan chipped in and that helped a lot. Our daughter Mel came in with drinks and food. Thanks, Mel! And, with a bit of a push, another 13 sold. So all up, we sold 21! Simon the manager was delighted. A successful day and not quite as nerve-racking as we expected!

Proud author signs book!
Yes, I can write!
The handsome couple by Sarah's display
The handsome couple by Sarah's display

One thought on “Book signing in W H Smith!

  1. Hello Gordon and Janet,
    Doreen has been in hospital for nearly two weeks with an allergic syndrome called Stevens Johnson syndrome because of an allergic reaction with the antibiotic Ciprofloxine which she had to take beycause of high fever. About 15 perceynt of her skin has come off and it is very painfull. The doctor says it is now on the mend although it looks worse with constant bleeding. I will seynd you some pictures made yesterday.

    Great news about your books. Momentarily I have no time to read fiction. Too busy.

    Best wishes,


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