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Waterstone's spectacular shop in Sutton
Waterstone's spectacular shop in Sutton
W H Smith's shop front in Sutton High Street
W H Smith's shop front in Sutton High Street
Mr Shukla's shop in Stoneleigh
Mr Shukla's Post Office in Stoneleigh

Hello there and welcome to my blog. Or welcome back again if you’ve been here before!

I thought I’d let you know where you can buy hard copies of my book, The Harpist of Madrid. Many people are unhappy buying books on the internet. To begin with they cannot see what they are buying and some just don’t trust the banking system to make the correct transaction on line. Part of my reason for telling you where my book is for sale is to publicly thank those who are selling it in their shops.

The Post Office, Stoneleigh, Surrey.
Just before Christmas I went into the Post Office and introduced myself to Mr Shukla, the manager of the shop. He was so keen to sell my book, I had to go straight home and get some copies. The shop is not a mile away so that was quite easy. Mr Shukla and his wife have already sold four copies and I’m so grateful to him. If you can sell them at a Post Office where you wouldn’t expect to go to buy a book, you should be able to sell them anywhere!

W H Smith, High Street  Sutton
I’m just as grateful to the manager and staff at W H Smith’s Sutton High Street Branch who have been so good to me and The Harpist. Not only did we have a book signing there on 3rd March but they’ve asked me back to do another one on 28th April. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to that. It’s a Saturday so there should be lots of people visiting the shop whom I can talk to about the book. I really enjoy that aspect of the event, whether or not customers actually decide to buy it.

Waterstones, Sutton
I’ve also been lucky enough to attract interest from Waterstones in Sutton which is about a hundred yards further up the street from W H Smith. Don’t they have a spectacular shop? You just can’t help but admire this beautiful building which is just as attractive from the inside as the out. The manager has ordered four copies of The Harpist and they will be on sale in the shop as soon as they arrive. I thank her profusely.

Foyles, the biggest bookshop in Europe
Foyles, the biggest bookshop in Europe

The main difference between Waterstones and the other two shops is, of course, that Waterstones is known principally as a bookshop. I’ve no idea how many books they have in stock but it’s very humbling for me to have The Harpist displayed alongside works of true brilliance. It will be very exciting for me to see it there!

The Cobham Bookshop, Cobham, Surrey
The Cobham Bookshop, Cobham, Surrey

Other outlets

I’m also very grateful to the Cobham Bookshop, The Regency Bookshop, Surbiton and Foyles in Charing Cross Road for stocking The Harpist.

The Regency Bookshop
The Regency Bookshop, Surbiton

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