Second book signing: W H Smith

P&O cruise ship Ventura: what a size!
P&O cruise ship Ventura: what a size!
Inside the Pantheon, Rome
Inside the Pantheon, Rome
Port of call: Monte Carlo at dusk
Port of call: Monte Carlo at dusk

Welcome to my blog or back again if you’ve already visited. I’m sorry to have been so quiet for the last three weeks but lovely Jan and I have been away on a last minute cruise. We’ve had a lovely time and met some great people on the P&O ship ‘Ventura’. I’ve attached a few pictures to show some highlights. By the way, there’s now a copy of my book in the ship’s on board library!

I left my pen at home so did no writing while away and must say that I quite enjoyed the break. But as soon as I returned I was back at work and have completed another chapter of ‘Esmeralda’ and started the next one. I’m hoping to finish her by the end of May. We’ll see!

My main aim in puttting up this post, apart from proving I am still alive, is to tell you about my latest book signing. Those who have been following me will know that at the first signing at W H Smith’s Sutton High Street branch Jan and I sold 21 copies of The Harpist. Well, Simon Bruckland, the manager, has asked me back to have another shot. The second signing will take place next Saturday, 28th April at 11am to 3pm.

I hope as many of you as you can will turn out to support me. You don’t have to buy a copy of my novel but it would be great if you just popped in to say hello! I’ so grateful to Simon and to Sarah Wiseman, head of the book department at the store. They have both been brilliant in promoting the cause of The Harpist. Sales have gone well and I’m now in discussion with my pubishers, Olympia of London, about a second print run. Maybe a few more this time around!


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