Great signing at W H Smith!

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The weather was little short of hideous as lovely Jan and I made our way to W H Smith’s Sutton High Street branch on Saturday to do my second book signing there.

W H Smith's, Sutton High Street
W H Smith's, Sutton High Street

The weather definitely affected people. There were nothing like the numbers in the shop that there were when we did the signing in early and sunny March. The upside was that this gave us more opportunities to speak to people about The Harpist and answer questions about the book. We met some especially interesting people. A lady who works at an art gallery in London, whose daughter is a composer, spoke to us, as did a man who has been commissioned to write a book about Ian Fleming and James Bond. Another man had served with the Army Supply Corp. and he was a fascinating fellow, too. So we had a very interesting three hours in the shop. And we sold some books: 12 this time, fewer than last time but we put that down to the weather. No one wanted to be out in it. That was my excuse, not that we spent so much time chatting with the customers!

Gord, the author!
Gord, the author!

Anyway, Simon Bruckland, the manager was delighted with our efforts. We’ve sold nearly forty copies of The Harpist in his shop and, once again, I’m so grateful to him and Sarah Wiseman, in charge of books there, for giving me this great opportuity to promote The Harpist of Madrid!

I just wonder where our next book signing will be. Watch this space, or blog, anyway!

Gordon Thomas (for more about me, search About Gordon)

What a display!
What a display!

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