The Emerald of Burgos

Burgos Cathedral
Burgos Cathedral: where Esmeralda and Susana took refuge on the night they left the city.

Hello visitors to my blog!

Just to let you know that my second novel is almost finished. I’ve only a couple of chapters left to write and I’m dying to know how it finishes! It has been a total labour of love, mine and Esmeralda’s and I hope you enjoy reading it when it’s published.

It is 1599. Terrified because she has commited a ghastly killing, young Esmeralda flees fom Burgos. Her orphan friend, Susana, goes, too. Soon, but after a gypsy tells their fortune, they reach their goal: the city of Madrid. There they search for work. Tempted by better rewards, they are recruited to a back street brothel.

They leave after three clients are mysteriously murdered and decide to become camp followers. They work for General Spinola’s army on its march to Flanders. Then witness the bloody siege of Ostende.

Is Susana capable of love? Will Esmerald find her long lost brother? How does she cope with a terrifying death? Does she succeed as a spy?


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