Good old Kingston!

Welcome to my blog or back again!

The signing in W H Smith, Kingston-upon-Thames, went really well. Nick Newsum, the manager, had set up my stall right at the very front of the shop, on the ground floor level so I couldn’t be in a more prominent place. I got to the shop well before 10 am and within minutes, there I was, trying to entice customers to buy! A lovely couple who only came in for a newspaper bought one almost straight away and I was off!

Nick had made my book part of a ‘buy one get a second half price’ deal. He’d paired The Harpist up with any Richard and Judy book, favouring Richard Harris’s The Fear Index. He also included the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy, which is best described as adult bedtime reading!

I met some very interesting people, including another writer who was struggling to finish his novel, a lady who had written five textbooks on various aspects of physio-therapy! What an achievement. A lady from Cheam bought one and said she’d recommend The Harpist to her book club. I offered to give a talk to her members and hope she takes me up on that. Our friend Janet, of Bill and Janet, dropped by especially to give me moral support. I was so pleased to see you, Jan!

By the time my wife, lovely Jan, arrived with our lunch I’d only sold ten and admit I was a bit disappointed. So was Nick I think who had expected greater things! Anyway, we had lunch and coffee in the Costa outlet actually in the W H Smith shop and started up again. Jan went off to buy a dress for our son and his fiance’s wedding in September while I plugged away at selling.

By the time we’d finished, a bit later than we originally planned, we’d got the sales tally up to 25. Nick was relieved and so was I. I’m delighted that he’s asked me back to do another one in July or August and I’ll take him up on that. So watch this space!

It was hard going but I do enjoy talking about The Harpist of Madrid. Maybe I need to spend less time on the chat and more on the sales! Thank you Nick and Julie, his assistant manager, for looking after me so well and making me so welcomed in your shop. And thank you each of those twenty five lovely people who bought a copy of my novel! Bless you all!


5 thoughts on “Good old Kingston!

    1. Thanks, Cymber Lily! I’d love to find a harpist for my signings! You are too far away, my dear! See I’ve put your site on my home page! Down right hand side! Have you found a way of referring to mine? That would be just great, supporting each other! Speak soon, Gordon

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