The Emerald of Burgos

I’m so pleased to tell you that I’ve now completed the first draft of my second novel, The Emerald of Burgos. What a feeling of satisfaction I felt to reach the last word of the last paragraph of the last chapter!

Esmeralda, which is Spanish for emerald, is the main character. After killing a man who has tried to rape her, she flees to Madrid with her friend Lucia. To earn more money there they become prostitutes and then camp followers of the Spanish army on its way to Flanders. The novel is a kaleidoscope of intrigue, adventure, mystery and naughty sexual happenings. You’ll have to read it to see how she survives and what happens to Lucia. The story will lock you in from the very first paragraph and you won’t want to put it down!

But here is still much to do before it can be published. I must read through, probably five or six times, to edit the text. There are about 157,500 words and I shall aim to reduce it to no more than 140,000. There are some stories in it that I will probably cut out and that won’t be a bad thing. But there may be parts that I want to expand. I’ll tell you later what progress I make and how it all works out!


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