Waterstones Sutton

Me before I started, courtesy of Adrian of Waterstones who took the photo!
See, they’re all gone!

Welcome to my blog, especially if you bought a copy of my book today!

I’m so pleased that my signing in Waterstones went so well. I was only there for about three hours and within that time, I sold every copy of The Harpist of Madrid that lovely Michelle had in her shop. The lot just went! I couldn’t believe it either!

I met some very interesting people including a guy who was about to start writing his own book about American music in the seventies. I hope I inspired him to press ahead and start it. He seemed to have all the information to be able to write a great book. Then I met a young actress who was just embarking on a career on the stage. I couldn’t believe how keen she was to buy a copy. Then a lady who was a local librarian came by. She bought a copy and will probably be recommending the book to be the subject for an event at her library. She was just as keen as the actress lady. I’d sold the whole lot when a disappointed gentleman said he’d also like a copy so we found one on the shelf and he bought that one so there are none left there now! I hope Michelle decides to get a few more in stock. And thank you again, Michelle, for letting me do this signing, one of the best to date!


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