Greg’s Wedding

Me with the married couple
Lovely Jan (in the orange top) with some family and friends. Greg to the right and Paul, the Best Man, to the left.

Apart from some information about me, I haven’t put much personal material on my blog. Today I make an exception because our son got married over the weekend to Susie, his girlfriend and companion for over seven years. Lovely Jan and I went, of course, and we were bowled over by this wonderful event. The marriage and wedding breakfast were held at Crockwell Farm, a spectacular setting in Northamtonshire, right out in the countryside.

About seventy five people attended, all of whom were close friends and relatives of the couple. The ceremony was, as you would expect, quite an emotional event but we all relaxed over the superb meal afterwards. And then we danced…and danced… and danced… well into the night!

Jan and I will never forget this perfect day, one of the best in our lives!


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