Visit to Boston

Luis de Gongora, poet and private secretary
Infanta Maria Theresa
King Philip IV

Balthasar Carlos with a Dwarf

Good to see you or see you again, if you’ve been here before!

You’ve probably wondered why I haven’t posted anything for the past three weeks. The answer is that lovely Jan and I have been in the US of A for that time and have only just got back. The main reason for going there was that the conference on security I am involved in (the IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology) was in Boston this year. The conference went well and I was delighted!

While we were there we visited the Museum of Fine Art, mainly to see the four paintings there by Velazquez who, as you may know, is one of the main characters in The Harpist. I cannot resist showing you those four masterpieces which all feature characters from my book. They are: the King of Spain, Philip IV, Luis Gongora, the poet and King’s private secretary, Infanta Maria Theresa and Infante Balthazar Carlos. They are modest but confident paintings, each a work of genius in its own right.

I felt quite emotional to see these beatiful paintings, for two reasons, I think.  Firstly, I just love the work of Velazquez and, secondly, he seems to me like a long departed friend!


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