Beavers Open Golf Champion

photo (6)I not sure if I’ve told you about my favourite pastime, other than writing. It’s playing golf! I’m proud to be a member at Malden Golf Club in Surrey

During the last few days, I’ve been playing with my nephew Andrew’s friends, The Beavers. Somehow, he’s got me playing with this great group of lads, most of them around 30 to 35ish, so I felt really flattered to be asked to play with them. We were meant to play at Old Thorn’s but they were so precious about their greens and a little bit of frost we ended up today playing the magnificent course at Blackmoor, Hampshire This tremendous and challenging venue inspired me and, lo and behold, I won the competition, the Beavers Open. What luck but I admit I did play well.

Thanks guys for asking me to play with you and especially to you Rob for organising it all! You all made me feel so welcome and I look forward to defending the title, next year. Cheers, men! (Captions: first picture: me with runner up (l) Andy and Steward who came third; second picture: Rob, with woolly hat, presenting me, holding the cup, with the Beavers Open Champion polo shirt, helped by Steve.)A9Nie0cCUAA2Mv6[1]


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