Middle Watch – Loretta Proctor

Loretta is promoting Middle Watch this weekend. It’s free as an e-book on amazon but only until midnight tonight!

Gordon L. Thomas

I’ve recently read this great book by Loretta Proctor. I thought you might like to see the review which I published on goodreads.com today.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story that Loretta Proctor has penned. She has the skill of a highly accomplished author in creating characters that the reader can identify with. I fell in love with Bridie to the extent that I felt I needed to help her avoid some of the issues she found herself dealing with, if only to ease her pain. Similarly, I strongly disliked Millie, who caused Bridie so much misery and led her to try a life away from her and her bullying sons. The most cleverly dealt with part of the novel is the love between Bridie and the taciturn Ryan who was in serious competition with Jim for Bridie’s affections. The resolution was as shocking as it was final.

Loretta has…

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