A great review!

A few days ago, a new review of The Harpist of Madrid appeared, at the stroke of a magic wand, on amazon. A lovely person called ‘sk’ said:

‘This beautiful semi-fictional historical biography of the great Spanish composer Juan Hidalgo is a surprising page-turner. Gordon Thomas’s writing pulls you right into Juan’s life, making you feel like being in it. There is an astonishing amount of detail in the book, proof of Thomas’s meticulous research about 17th century Spain and Madrid, and the protagonist. The vivid description of life and society in those times, interwoven with a mix of hilarious, tragic, romantic and sometimes shocking events made me turn the pages to follow Juan on his journey to becoming not only very closely connected (in various ways) to the court of King Philip IV, but also an important part of Spain’s art and culture scene.

Any concerns, that this is just something for those into music and art, are unwarranted. This book makes the biography of a classical musician from 400 years ago so much more than that; the joys, adventures, scandals, inventions, successes and losses of Juan Hidalgo and his companions paint a rich picture and turn the book into an effortlessly entertaining tale.’

Thank you so much ‘sk’ whoever you are! The best thing is that you enjoyed my tale and that is what it’s all about!



3 thoughts on “A great review!

  1. The boar hunt and the fight on the cart both brilliantly handled. The rest: sustained, detailed writing. Too much of not much. Now hire a professional editor.

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