The Harpist and Medellin, Colombia

Queen Mariana of Spain
Queen Mariana of Spain

This stunning portrait of Queen Mariana of Spain, painted by Diego Velazquez in 1652, is exhibited in the Prado in Madrid and as you will know, if you’ve read The Harpist of Madrid, my first novel, she is a woman much feared by many in the book, including Juan Hidalgo the main character. Lovely Jan and I have just returned from three wonderful weeks in Medellin, Colombia. This great city, the second city of Colombia was the venue for the conference I am closely associated with, the IEEE International Carnhan Conference on Security Technology.

Well, you may ask what is the connection between The Harpist of Madrid and Medellin? It is simply this: In 1675 Queen Mariana, a character in the book, gave the city the name, Medellin! What a coincidence! I never knew this when I wrote The Harpist and let alone know that we would visit this spectacular city!

If you want to go to South America, go to Colombia and visit Medellin! There is so much to do and see, the food is wonderful and the people are so charming and amiable, I guarantee you a tremendous time!

Queen Mariana's regal coat of arms
Queen Mariana’s regal coat of arms

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