New signing at WHS Croydon Whitgift!

Still a few left. But only four by the time I finished!
Still a few left. But only four by the time I finished!
Welcome back to this mad blog!

Thanks to Nick Maycock, the store manager, I did my second signing on Saturday at this great W H Smith shop in Croydon. I met some wonderful people including a lovely lady from Bulgaria and her young family. She was so interested in The Harpist that she bought a copy to send to her mother back home! Another lady was also an author. She bought mine on an exchange basis! That is I bought hers, too. She had written a book about her extraordinary sojourn to Vietnam. I’ve read her first chapter and am very impressed!

So thank you all those wonderful readers who bought a copy of my book. It will change their lives and I love them for their discriminating purchase! Especially when they paid the full cover price in the presence of all those ‘two for one’ offers and others cheaper still.

So thank you, Nick, for letting me do this second signing and thank you, Karen and your team, for looking after me and ensuring I had time for my sandwich lunch! I’m grateful to Ama too because she organised it all!


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