Amazing signing at W H Smith, Sutton

Gord, the author!
Yours truly at the start of the ‘show’! W H Smith, Sutton store

Thanks to Simon Bruckland, the store manager, I did a signing today at W H Smith’s in Sutton, Surrey. It was a truly amazing day. The shop was buzzing with pre-Christmas fervour and many customers were looking for presents for their friends and family. Luckily my book was there to fill the gap and all up we sold a massive 21 copies of The Harpist.

An especially kind lady decided to buy 2 signed copies, one for her sister and one for her husband – not, she said, to leave the poor man out! An interesting encounter was with a lady who said she’d bought a copy at at my signing in Epsom a year ago! Luckily, I remembered her telling me that she is an artist. She is called Christine Bigmore and what lovely pictures she paints. My golfing friend Chris Law also happened to drop buy. He was instrumental in my sale to a lady who was on the brink of buying. Thanks Chris, for stepping in!


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