WHS again!

I hope you’re not getting bored by all this stuff about signings. In case you are, I’ve combined two into one posting this time!

Yesterday, I did one in Nick Newsum’s shop in Kingston and met some really interesting people, apart from Nick, of course! One was a harpist and he couldn’t resist buying The one of Madrid. The wife of famous oboist and conductor bought one for her husband, Paul Goodwin. I hope I’m not spoiling his Christmas surprise! One of my old Home Office mates couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw me there trying to convince customers to buy one. Great to see you Steve Pike. I hope we meet up again!

Last Saturday, I signed books in David-Alex Simpson’s shop in Wimbledon. Again an interesting spectrum of people including Stephen Alambritis, leader of Merton Council and Maureen Felix, the wife of one of my golf mates. One lady from Canada reminded me that she bought two last time she and I were there. Whoops!

In all, a very successful couple of signings with not far off 70 books signed and sold. Thank you Alex and Nick, and Julie, in Kingston for her encouragement.

Happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all my followers and visitors!