The Emerald of Burgos – coming soon!

Welcome to my site or back again!

My second novel, The Emerald of Burgos, is almost ready for publication. I am sending the second corrected set of proofs back to my publisher, Olympia of London, on Monday. It’s looking really good.

The novel is about Esmeralda who is a retired prostitute in ‘The Harpist’. There she shows Juan Hidalgo around her ageing but still beautiful body and gives him lessons in lovemaking. Here she describes her working life from back-street whore through camp follower to the Spanish army to being a high class lady of pleasure in Madrid. You’ll love her and her delightful tale!

The stunning cover! Isn't she a beautiful woman!
The stunning cover! Isn’t she a beautiful woman!

Here is a quote from the blurb:

You are in Burgos, Spain in 1599 with María. She commits a crime so serious she could be burned at the stake. Terrified of the consequences, she and her friend, Lucía, flee and head for Madrid.

They are perplexed by what a soothsayer tells them. She says María will be surprised, but not ashamed, that she can work in her new profession. What can it be? How can the woman know about María’s long lost brother? And what does her vague prediction mean for Lucía?

Still fugitives, a gypsy gives them a lift. Then they are kidnapped…

I’ll leave it to you to solve the puzzle of the names!


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