The Emerald of Burgos – published today!

Her portrait by Velazquez
Her portrait by Velazquez

Hi everyone!

I’m absolutely thrilled! My second novel, The Emerald of Burgos, is published today! It’s taken three years to get here and I’m hugely grateful to my wife, lovely Jan, to whom the book is dedicated, and other friends and relatives who have commented on the draft and helped me to knock it into the final, printed version. I’m also massively grateful to Olympia Publishers for all their help and support. Writing it has been a journey and a half and one of the great experiences of my life.

The novel is the story of Esmeralda, a 16th century Spanish lady of pleasure. It starts with a killing, then a kidnapping. It describes the sometimes frenzied and often touching relationships with her colleagues. It shows how Esmeralda and her friends deal with their many and needy customers, in peace and war. It is a fast moving yarn, penned with humour, peppered  with surprises and painted with caring sensitivity. That’s what the author says so it must be true!

You’ll love Esmeralda, despite her glaring faults and the many mistakes she makes in her colourful life. I’d love you to buy my book about her. It’s a bargain at £9.99! 


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