First review of The Emerald of Burgos

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Just two days ago, the highly acclaimed novelist, Loretta Proctor, posted this review of The Emerald of Burgos on Amazon. I’m absolutely thrilled by it. Loretta has wholly understood the picture I tried to paint in writing the book. It is a simple ‘rags to riches’ story of Esmeralda and her friends. They are camp followers to the Spanish army so sell their services to the troops. Their many encounters are described in the book as are their struggles to survive in war and siege. You can’t help loving Esmeralda, the most engaging of women!

Loretta says:

Format: Paperback

Gordon Thomas’s first book, The Harpist of Madrid, was such an amazing story that I was delighted to find he has written this prequel. The Emerald of Burgos is really about Esmeralda herself. She appears in the first book as an established, mature courtesan with a heart of gold. In this book we learn what led her to this life style and how she became rich, desired, a friend of a King and a popular courtesan in Madrid. Fleeing for her life from her home town of Burgos, Esmeralda is a very young girl, scarcely sixteen…by our standards still a juvenile …but at that time nubile and marriageable. She has many alarming and hair raising adventures with her good friend, Susana, who runs away with her. They even end up as camp followers with the Spanish army.
This book is an erotic one, no doubt of that. There’s not much detail spared of the two young women and their activities with clients and life in the whorehouse. Yet, oddly, as in Thomas’s first book, there is an element of joyful innocence about these two girls. They actually enjoy their work, seeing it as a way of service to men ..and occasionally women!…and really do their best to make others happy and have some pleasure themselves when they can. It seems a sordid subject and Thomas doesn’t pretend it’s all nice work (though very well paid!) …but the attitude of service and fun and joy these girls bring to their chosen profession makes this unique story often amusing, fun, a romp occasionally and generally most enjoyable to read, We can’t help loving Esmerelda and her friend. She’s become one of my favourite ladies! You’ll enjoy this book but it’s not for the shockable, prudish reader, so be warned!
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 Are you surprised that I am so taken with the review? So, many thanks, Loretta!

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