Great signing at WH Smith, Sutton!

I’m so grateful to all you customers who yesterday bought copies of my latest  novel, The Emerald of Burgos, the racy tale of three women who in 1601 became camp followers to the Spanish Army. I sold seventeen copies altogether, along with several copies of The Harpist of Madrid, my first effort at writing a novel. That one, by the way, has sold more than 1600 copies!

WH Smith's great store in Sutton High street
WH Smith’s great store in Sutton High street

The customers were nothing short of marvellous, even those who just stopped by for a chat. One was a student of Egyptology about to depart for Cairo and the pyramids; another was an aspiring author of thrillers who was halfway through his first book. Several asked me to dedicate a copy to a friend or relative for Christmas. Tony L, one of my Sutton Nonsuch Rotary friends, dropped by to give me ‘moral support’ and one of my wife’s friends from her upholstery class also came over for a chat.

The Emerald of Burgos
The Emerald of Burgos

I sincerely thank Simon Bruckland, the manager of the WHSmith Sutton store for giving me another opportunity to do a signing in his shop and Sarah, who is in charge of books, for organising the event and setting up the excellent display of the copies of my novel. Simon’s is a friendly store and I love doing signings there!

Thanks also to Victoria MacDonald for publicising through and Cllr Mary Burstow and for their publicity, too.


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