An uphill struggle!

Hi everybody! Welcome back to my blog and a special welcome to those who are visiting for the first time!

I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on with editing ‘Expulsion’. Well, it’s a long slog. I am making progress and am now on chapter 18. But at this time of the year there are too many distractions: golf, gardening and holidays to name just a few. I’m also busy helping on the International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology which this year will be held in Taiwan (click on

This is our cruise ship, Explorer of the Seas - isn't she a beauty!
This is our cruise ship, Explorer of the Seas – isn’t she a beauty!

Still, I’m getting there and aim to finish the first edit in the next few months. I’ll let you know how it’s going! In the meantime lovely Jan and I are off to the Fjords on a week’s cruise. We set off from Southampton, next Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “An uphill struggle!

  1. Wow, looks a lovely ship. I did the Norwegian fjords on the old QE2 & from a ship is the best way to see them.

    Good luck with the editing. I’ve now almost finished editing Olsanska, but it’s taken much longer than I envisaged – since early January in fact. Still, all good fun.

    We wish you and Janet a great holiday.

    Bon voyage
    John & Di

    1. Thanks, John and Di, We’re really looking forward to it! I’ll take ‘Expulsion’ with me and see what I can do in odd moments. As I’m writing this, I have Zander’s Bruckner 5 playing. It’s a stunning performance! Good luck to both of us on the editing!

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