And another great signing today!

It wasn’t as busy today so I sold fewer books, 16 to be exact. But there are always some good stories. My first sale, after more than an hour of untold anxiety was to a guy of about 6′ 6″ who bought one of each of The Harpist and of The Emerald. So I was off the chocks! Shortly after, a lady bought a copy of The Harpist. She loved the cover and didn’t even look inside or ask about it! The funniest story was about a lady who had read The Harpist before: she’d bought it at a charity shop and was quite pleased to meet the author. But only quite pleased!

The jolly posters in the shop window!

One lady said she’d bought one here from a previous signing for her son but couldn’t remember which book. She went away and rang him and within minutes was back to buy The Emerald, bless her!

Thanks again Simon Bruckland and Sarah, Supervisor of Books, for letting me do yet another signing at WHS, Sutton!

Each at half price. What bargains!

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