Major task completed!

Welcome back to my blog and a special welcome to any first time visitor.

I’ve just this minute completed a huge edit of ‘Expulsion’ my third novel and the second prequel to ‘The Harpist of Madrid’. It has been a labour of love and the first edit of the hard copy version I had printed by

Dramatic picture of the Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain, as it takes place
Where do I go from here, you may ask. Well, what I do next is to create about half a dozen more lulu copies, one each for a number of trusted readers. I’m dying to know what they think! I’ll also re-read the novel a few more times to iron out any problems as I see them. I incorporate any changes my readers suggest – and which I agree with (!) Then  hopefully go to print!


2 thoughts on “Major task completed!

  1. Editing, as I’ve recently found out, is a lengthy task, but a crucial stage in the process of writing a novel. Well done on completing and, as one of your trusty readers, I can’t wait to read Expulsion.

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