Diego Velazquez

I’ve enlarged this article somewhat to provide more detail and colour. I hope you like it! GLT

Gordon L. Thomas


Diego Velazquez, self portrait


Welcome to my Blog and thank you for calling in. My aim here is to give you, my reader, an insight into my novel, The Harpist of Madrid. I will tell you about the characters, how they know each other, why I wrote the book and how I researched it. I hope this whets your appetite and are inspired to read it!

As you will see from the list of characters I posted some time ago, Diego Velazquez, one of the most talented and famous painters of all time, features in my novel. He and Juan Hidalgo, the main character of the novel, become great friends and so do their wives. They must have known each other as they were contemporaries in the court of King Philip IV who was a great supporter of art and music.

File:Diego Velázquez 017.jpg

Old lady frying eggs, c.1618

Early life

Diego Velazquez was born…

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