A Brilliant Brew!

My wife and I stayed in The Aztec, Hotel in Bristol on Wednesday night, on the way to see  some relatives in Portishead and my Aunty Lil in Clevedon. The Azetec is a nice hotel, just off the M5. Little did we know what a great surprise was in store. We were far too late for dinner but had time to enjoy a drink in the bar.

Thwaites’ old logo, drays and all!
Lovely Jan had her usual cold white wine and I asked for a pint. ‘Have you tried a Lancaster Bomber?’ asked the barman?’ ‘Never heard of it,’ said I, ‘but yes, I’ll have one, please!’ And what a great pint it was. Brewed by Thwaites in Blackburn a brewery equally new to me.

The brewery, up north in Blackburn
It was so good, I also had a pint of Thwaites’ Wainwright, a lighter brew but just as good!

I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!



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