Talk at Carshalton High School for Girls

Today I had the pleasure and privilege of talking about my writing to year 12 at Carshalton High School for Girls, in Sutton, Surrey. And what a tremendous group of students they are!

I told them about my career, why I wrote my books and encouraged them to go on in further education and do a higher degree, as I did a long time ago! I described my journey in writing The Harpist of Madrid, how I got it published  and who the main character is in The Emerald of Burgos and what she did for a living. A couple of them also want to be writers and follow my example!

Four of the girls bought two copies of The Emerald between them. One was Amanda who had already read The Harpist. I had to dedicate one to Scarlett, Lily and Dipali. I’ve never dedicated a book to three people before so that was a first!

So what an enjoyable experience! My thanks are due to Louise Bevan, Head of Year 12 for inviting me; and the students for listening so attentively.



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