Visit to our Twin Club in Germany

I thought you might like this posting I did for my Rotary Club after a great visit we made to our twin club in Meppen, a town in Northern Germany. Any comments more than welcome!

nonsuch rotary club

Welcome to our blog or back again if you’ve dropped by before!

Every year we have an exchange visit to our sister club in Meppen, a town near the Dutch border with northern Germany. This was the twenty seventh such visit – yes, we’ve been friends for 27 years – and this time it was our turn to visit  Meppen.

I hope you don’t mind me personalising this post as lovely Jan and I, your blog master, did something a little different. We decided that, as we were going to be on the continent anyway, we’d go via some friends of ours who own a hotel in Chardonnay, the tiny village near Macon which has given its name to the famous wine. So on Sunday 15 May we set out to take the shuttle to Calais, stay the night there and drive down to Chardonnay, no more than 500 miles out of our way! Nick…

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