Talk at Twickenham Rotary Club

A week or so ago, I made a return visit to Twickenham Rotary Club, this time to talk about my second novel, The Emerald of Burgos. It’s over two years since my first talk to the club.

There were 13 members in the audience, including many who were at my earlier presentation. What an attentive and interested audience they were! I was bombarded with a range of excellent questions afterwards, mainly about what inspired me to write and the process of writing itself.

President Barry and me, both smiling at the camera!
 One of the members, Eva Peters, and I met about a year ago at another Rotary event. Eva suggested then an idea for a sequel to The Harpist of Madrid. So all thanks to Eva for proposing it: now watch this space!

Many thanks to Barry Buttenshaw, the President, for introducing me and the 7 members who each bought a copy of The Emerald. I hope you enjoy it!



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