A great welcome in Caterham!

It’s now over a week since I gave my talk, ‘A latecomer novelist’ to Caterham Rotary Club. My excuse for being so tardy is that I’ve been so ragingly busy what with one thing and another. Lame, isn’t it?

It was a most friendly club with an immediate offer of a drink the moment I walked in! ‘A pint of Doom Bar please, Jim!’

Caterham is a club which meets at lunchtime in the spectacular venue of The Surrey National Golf Club. I must get a group of my pals together to play there!

The spectacular Surrey National
Mike, who deputised for the president, introduced me to the audience of about forty. An interesting group they were, too and asked a number of excellent questions. Many thanks to Peter Georgiades, one of the club darts team who proposed, when our team played them – we lost- that I give my talk; and to Geoff Loveday who organised it. Many thanks also to those discriminating members who, between them, bought 21 copies of my books. A truly great day and I felt really at home. Especially when Jim bought me another Doom Bar before I went!


2 thoughts on “A great welcome in Caterham!

  1. Gordon, it was a delight to have you visit our Caterham Rotary Club and inform us of your vast literary expertise.
    The talk regarding your books was clearly very well received as witness the queues to purchase your books following the Meeting. Being a young lad they were a bit racy for me !
    I’d be very happy to buy you yet another pint of Doom Bar if you should visit us again.

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