Neither here nor there!

Welcome to my blog or welcome back if you’ve been here before!

It’s strange how you can be walking along the same pavement for years and still not notice something fairly obvious. This happened to me recently while I was taking Skye, our son and daughter-in-law’s dog, for a walk. I was returning from Nonsuch Park and crossed over the A24, via the Sparrow Farm Road traffic lights, of course. While walking along the pavement by the ‘Welcome to North Cheam’ sign, I spotted this boundary post, just set back a foot or so from the pavement edge.

The boundary post, looking quite tired!

It’s a wonderful iron structure reading ‘Epsom and Ewell’ on one side of its dividing line and ‘Sutton and Cheam’ on the other. What a concept, sitting astride the line, being on neither one side nor the other yet firmly planted on both! I wondered why it had been left unpainted for so long. I even thought of going back and painting it myself: black lettering on a white background. Then I thought it’s probably better left untouched. If I hadn’t noticed it for so long, the kind of person who might steal such a civil artifact might not notice it either!


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