Now a prommer!

At long last and after 50 odd years of attending prom concerts as a sitting customer, last week, along with my Finland trip friends, Chris and Richard, I actually stood to watch a concert there, yes in the famous Albert Hall arena! Chris and Richard had done this many times before but not me!

Christian Theileman conducts!

And you’ve guessed it, the work was one by my favourite composer, Anton Bruckner, his Symphony Number 3. The first work in the programme was Mozart’s Piano Concerto Number 21, one of Chris’s favourites and I must say one of mine, too.

Trifinov, the brilliant soloist

The soloist was Daniil Trifonov and what a great job he did under the baton of Christian Theileman and the Staatskapelle of Dresden. This is a virtuoso orchestra, well used to playing complex works like the Bruckner

For me, it was an unforgettable experience, not only as a prom first timer but to hear one of my favourite symphonies – well up there in my top 20 – played only feet away from where we stood. I felt as if I was surrounded by and centred within this great work. The truest sound I’ve ever listened to.Theileman knows his Bruckner alright. And the orchestra had mastered the 3rd to the extent of him needing only small gestures to increase the sound, change the pace slightly or the balance between sections of the orchestra.

A wonderful night, enjoyed by us three! Just a shame that our other two Finland friends, John and Steve weren’t there too!

The Dresden Staatskapelle on their home ground!





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