Excellent signing at W H Smith

Yesterday, thanks to the generosity of the Store Manager, Nick Newsum, I did another book signing at WHS in Kingston-Upon-Thames. What a great day it was, talking to interested customers about my latest book, ‘Expulsion’. As I’ve said before, the book is centred around the expulsion of the Moors, mainly Muslims, from Spain in the early part of the sixteenth century. So I was quite surprised when the first to buy one said she was a Muslim. What an enlightened lady.

The Bental Centre in Kingston, home of W H Smith’s store

I also spoke to a gentleman in the entertainment industry and, while he didn’t buy a copy, was impressed by ‘The Harpist of Madrid’, which we also had on sale, and asked for a synopsis that he could pass around to colleagues in the industry. I think it would make a good film or television series. I hope someone else does, too!

An interesting fellow author who liked ‘Expulsion’ and my writing style asked me to collaborate with him over a book on the history of Iraq. I’ll have to think about that, bearing in mind my other plans for future novels which I haven’t even told you about yet. He’s going to send me a draft he has already started so I can decide.

W H Smith in Kingston

So thanks Nick and Deputy Manager Julie for making me so welcomed and all those discerning customers who bought a copy of ‘Expulsion’. I sold 18 in all and am still glowing!







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