Sparky signing at W H Smith’s in Sutton

I had a really good day at W H Smith’s in Sutton today. I won’t say how many books I sold just in case HM Inland Revenue are following me!

‘Expulsion’ is catching on nicely and I’ve a feeling it will do better than ‘The Harpist of Madrid’ which will soon break the 2000 barrier. Not bad for an historical novel about an obscure, almost unknown,  17th century Spanish composer.

At the shop by @shane_dillon

One of the great things about these signings is the interesting people who stop by and chat. One was a Foreign Office guy who graciously mentioned me on his twitter page, @shane_dillon. He took this snap which I hope he doesn’t mind me using!

Another guy from Sri-Lanka gave me a great tip on flying to Chennai via Sri-Lanka to minimise the air fare. So I should be really grateful to him as well as the wee chat about the internal conflict there, now almost completely resolved.

It was great to see a Rotary friend and one who teaches at a local school who often stop by at my Sutton signings!

I am, of course, especially grateful to Simon Bruckland the store manager who invited me to do this signing. He always makes me so welcome and at home in his shop. Thanks also to the new book section manager, Vicky, who was very encouraging of my efforts at marketing! Thank you, too, those who not only stopped for a chat but bought one or two copies. I hope you enjoy your reading.




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