At the V and A

Welcome back or welcome if you are a new visitor!

A couple of my Rotary Club mates, Chris F and John C and me along with one of the Finland five, Steve B, visited the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday, on our way to a concert of Spanish music performed by the Royal College of Music Philharmonic.

The V & A is rapidly becoming my favourite museum anywhere in the world and I’ve been to quite a few, I can tell you! Take these two masterpieces of Medieval art. This small plaque of the crucifixion, from around 1370, was probably owned by the Franciscans. The back was gilded and the gold carefully scratched away to form this amazing picture.

14th century plaque

This second one is of linen embroidered with gold thread, from 13th century Florence. It shows a religious recluse, Verdiana Attavanti, who died in 1222 while kneeling at prayer. She is discovered while her soul (above but not very clear) is transported to heaven.

The death of Verdiana Attavanti, 13th century Florence

Just two small examples of the extraordinary masterpieces to be found at the V&A.



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