The alluring Calella de Palafrugell and Josep Pla


When a naive blogger -like me- decides to devote a bunch of posts to one of his favorite writers, a bunch of problems arise.

First and foremost: In order to produce those posts, the blogger usually reads and re-reads tons of books written by the admired writer.

That means:

  1. The naive blogger has no time left to write the posts.
  2. The naive blogger is so overwhelmed by the talent, mastery and IQ of his admired writer, that he feels like a burro whenever he attempts to typewrite just a single phrase. Consequently, he writes slowly whenever he dares to write.

Take this post about Calella de Palafrugell as an example. Drafting its text has taken almost ten months. And what kind of literary thing did I get? An effluvium. A short, light and unsubstantial breeze of quasi-random words.

At least I have been able to take some colorful pictures of…

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