Like a dinner Party!

Last week I had the most amazing Rotary experience. It was to visit Feltham Rotary in Bedmont, near Staines-Upon-Thames. The club meets at the Assembly Hall in the Fairholme Estate off Staines Road and which was built in 1934 by T Cecil Howitt as low-rental housing from a bequest by Elizabeth Jones, a Fulham resident. The Hall is a beautiful building which has an incredible curved, vaulted ceiling.

The magnificent Assembly Hall, Fairholme Estate

The best part of the meeting was the Rotary Club itself which has a mere 8 members. Seven attended and each introduced themselves to me. I had rarely felt more welcomed anywhere. We all sat around a table and it felt like being at a dinner party of old friends rather than at a club, none of whose members I had ever met before. A rare characteristic was that unlike any other Rotary Club I had visited before – and I’ve been to about thirty up to now – was that the members prepared and cooked the dinner between them in the kitchen next to the hall!

Just look at that curved ceiling!

I had a wonderful evening chatting with these lovely people and talking to them about my novels. Nearly everyone of them bought at least one for which I was so grateful. So thank you members of Feltham Rotary and a special thanks to Daphne Cass who invited me. I sincerely hope I meet you all again!



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