So to speak…

…at the Shepperton and Sunbury Rotary Club is what I did. Last Monday, in fact!

You’re right, I haven’t been posting for a couple of weeks now but only because lovely Jan and I have been on a little holiday to the Canary Islands.

Back to my talk. The Rotary Club invited me to talk on ‘A latecomer Novelist’, which is what I am, I suppose! What a friendly bunch they are, too. As soon as I arrived, Oliver dashed of to buy me a pint. And throughout I sat next to President Geoff as we exchanged notes on running Rotary Clubs. Did I tell you, I become president of our club, Nonsuch Rotary, later in the year?

The sumptuous Holiday Inn, Shepperton

The club meets at The Holiday Inn Shepperton, a new venue for them and this was the first time the Club met in this particular room. As usual, I spoke after a really nice dinner, obviously enjoyed by all, including me!

I sincerely thank Shepperton and Sunbury Rotary Club for inviting me and especially Carl Phillips, the speaker secretary, who made all the arrangements. And many thanks to all those discerning readers who bought copies of my books!



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