Declan’s new career!

Hello and welcome to my blog or back again if you’ve dropped by before.

Up to now, I have carried out all the work needed to keep my garden in order. However, my good friend Declan O’Doherty, has just changed his job. From feeding us thirsty and hungry golfers at  ‘Declan’s restaurant’, the half-way house set between the ninth and tenth holes of Malden Golf Club, he has become a jobbing gardener and house maintainer. In Declan’s words, ‘No job is too small’.

Nice clean paving stones and a new path across the bottom

Well, last week, Declan carried out some jobs in our garden and what a great job he has done! He’s put in a new paving stone path at the bottom, painted the summer house, put some new slabs across a new patch of lawn and cleaned up the patio as well as a few other smaller jobs.

A now sparkling patio

Lovely Jan and I are delighted at what he’s done, so much so, I thought I’d share our transformed back garden with you! Pity I didn’t take some ‘before’ pictures and you’d have got a better idea of the difference he’s made.

If you want to ask Declan to do some work for you, he charges £18 an hour and can be contacted on 0783 3611768. I’m sure he’d be delighted to hear from you!


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