10,000 hits! Amazing and Thank You!

Hello regular visitors to my web-site, occasional visitors or those who are visiting for the first time.

This is to thank all of you for helping me achieve 10,000 hits on the site. The truly amazing thing is that you who have visited represent 93 different countries from all over the world. Not surprisingly, most who have visited are in the UK, my home country, but many of you are in places as far apart as Colombia and Mozambique, Angola and Ecuador, Latvia and Myanmar.

Since we started, over five years ago, I’ve put up 182 postings on the blog and I think you must have found them vaguely interesting to keep coming back.

So thank you everyone who has taken time out to visit the web-site and a special thanks to my followers and to Rohan Renard (http://www.360ripple.com/) who created the site for me.

I hope to see you all again soon!

Best wishes, Gordon L. Thomas


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