Terrible injustice in Taiwan

Lovely Jan and I have many friends in Taipei, the capital of the great country of Taiwan, Republic of China. Many of our friends there are retired public servants including members of the security services, the military and the police. So you can imagine my astonishment and consternation when I learnt from one of my friends there that president Tsia Ing-wen has decided to half the pensions of these former loyal and hard working men and women. Something like a half a million will be affected.

Mass protest in Taiwan
The reason she gives is that the pension funds are losing more in payments than is being paid in. Surely there are other ways of dealing with this crisis. Taxing some of the richer companies in this prosperous country may be one possibility. Retired public servants there are, needless to say, totally outraged. There have already been countrywide protests, mostly in the capital but also in other towns and cities. A huge protest involving over a quarter of a million people is planned for 15 June.

Another big protest
All I can say is good luck to those intrepid protesters in the event of 15 June. If there is any justice on this issue, President Tsai will change her mind. We truly hope so.


6 thoughts on “Terrible injustice in Taiwan

  1. Hi Gordon, totally agree with you! Iam shocked to hear of such a ruthless decision on the pension matter. Sincerely hope that the people’s voices are heard. Our hearts reach out to to our good friends there.

  2. Thank you, Sooda. I’m sure our mutual friends will see your comment and be grateful for your support too. I rarely make a political point on my website but this intolerable injustice forced me to it!

  3. Dear Dr. Thomas,
    I am sorry that I was in a rush and mistakenly used your family name. Haste makes waste!

    1. Dear Nicolas, it was great to hear from you. Such a good friend! I remember your visit to our house when Carnahan was held in London in 2001! You brought Janet some flowers which she still talks about. I am only to pleased to tell the world about this injustice! Fondest regards, Gordon

  4. Dear Dr. Thomas,
    My previous colleague and close friend, Mr. Michael Hsu just forwarded your essay, “Terrible injustice in Taiwan” to me. Thank you so much for your kind support and encouragement. Especially you seldom publish a political point on your website. Michael also posted your article on a popular communication group (Line) here in Taiwan (similar to the WhatsApp).
    Yes, another huge protest will be held tomorrow(June 15th) in front of the Legislature Yuan (The Parliament). Really can’t believe or even imagine that the retired military, police and civil servants, a major power of social stability in Taiwan for the past six decades have to walk on street and protest for their rights and dignity!
    Warmest regards,
    Your old friend,
    Nicholas Tan

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