Signing at Waterstones in Sutton

Today I had the great privilege of conducting a book signing in Waterstones in Sutton, the London Borough of which lovely Jan and I are residents and have been for the last 41 years.

Although the day started slowly – it took nearly two hours to sell one book – things really picked up after 2 p.m. and by the time I finished at 4, I’d sold 14 copies of my latest, ‘Expulsion’. As always on these occasions, I met some really interesting people. One lady lived in Andalucía and knew so much about the history of Spain in the 17th century, she made me feel quite humble! A French guy – on a zero hours contract with a local hotel – reckoned that the Jews were the main reason the Moors invaded Spain. I was quite taken aback by his theory but still didn’t believe him. A lady from Canada bought a copy. Her father lived in Valencia for much of his life and had Moorish blood from many generations back. She was almost in tears saying, ‘I just have to buy it’. Bless her.

Waterstones, Sutton
Waterstones in Sutton. What an impressive shop!

So a big thank you to Katherine, the store manager who invited me to do the signing and to her wonderful staff who made me feel so welcome! And not least, many thanks to all those people who bought a copy of ‘Expulsion’. I hope you enjoy this unusual yarn.


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