March for justice in Taiwan

Last Thursday, and following my blog article of the week before, thousands of former Taiwanese government employees, civil servants, police officers, military servicemen, schoolteachers and many others, marched on the government offices including the office of the Prime Minister. Their aim was simple: to protest over the Taiwanese Prime Minister’s decision to cut all these retired and loyal servants pensions by a massive 50%.

Huge protest on the streets of Taipei

What an injustice. How would any of us retired souls in the UK like to be treated in this way, especially after giving our working lives to the honest toil of serving our country. We wouldn’t endure it for one moment and we too would take up the cudgels of protest.

I make this personal appeal to President Tsai Ingwen. For the sake of your retired former servants, please reconsider the injustice that you have laid at their doors. Please do not inflict this misery upon them but find another means, perhaps by taxation, government savings or selling government assets, of solving the pensions problem. I’m sure you are an honourable person and will equally show your subjects the honour they deserve. We love the people of Taiwan and have many friends among them.







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