Two great pre-Christmas signings!

I’m quite hoarse now having spent five hours today chatting to many, many customers in WH Smith’s new store in the Centrecourt Shopping Centre in Wimbledon. I felt the same last week after I’d spent about the same time in WH Smith’s top store in Sutton! I must say I regard it as a great privilege to be given these marvelous opportunities not only to speak to all these wonderful people but also to sign off some books into the bargain.

Centrecourt, Wimbledon
I’ve met an incredible range of people, several of which were writers too. One lady told me about her work for the Waitrose monthly magazine for which she writes on food. Another had written 11 pantomimes, each of which had been performed in schools and in a number of local theatres. Yet another wrote books on life improvement and getting over mental problems. He gave me some good tips on using the internet for marketing.

WH Smith’s great store in Sutton High St.

Not everyone I spoke to bought a copy but many did and I’m especially grateful to each of them. A lady in Sutton hesitated until her two daughters persuaded her. Two Spanish ladies decided they’d buy, especially when they could see that I had written in modern English which they could easily read. The easiest sale was to a guy in Wimbledon who, when he discovered I was the author said, ‘I’ll have it!’ Another couple bought two!

The flagship store in Centrecourt

So thank you Simon Bruckland and Ashley Keogh, respectively the managers in the Sutton and Wimbledon branches, for inviting me to do the signings in their stores. You’ve given me such a great opportunity and I’m so grateful to you both. And not least, thank you to your staff for making me feel so welcome, Courtney, Samantha and Martin to name but a few.


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