The Boys’ day out at Brooklands

Thanks to David H, who organised the day, Chris F and Peter S, who were our unbelievably knowledgeable guides, ten of us ‘lads’ from Sutton Nonsuch Rotary had a terrific day yesterday at Brooklands Museum, the site of the UK’s first race track and the construction site of something like 18,000 civil and military aircraft (I’m sure Peter or Chris will tell me if that’s wrong!)

Couldn’t resist taking this one of the most beautiful, fastest passenger aircraft that ever flew

After a welcomed coffee, we split into two groups of five and our official Brooklands volunteers took us on our separate tours. I was with Chris’ group as were Barry M, Roger F and Malcolm D. Those with Peter were Diego, John N, John C and Steve B.We all met up for a modest lunch at 1pm and resumed our tour, a lot less hungry, afterwards.

The gang of us… sadly not including the lady at the back!


Our group, from left, Barry, Malcolm, Chris, in steward’s uniform, and Roger

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this blog is many more pictures than words… well you know what mean! I slightly indulged myself with pictures of aircraft engines but I’m sure you will forgive me for that. I’ve loved taking pictures of them since I was a kid, quite a long time ago!

A Hawker Fury, one of the first planes that flew at over 200 mph.
Avro 504, First World War bi-plane. Over 10,000 built from 1913 to 1932
The famous Harrier VTOL aircraft
Looking down on the Wellington bomber with its geodetic bracing structure, suggested by Barnes Wallis
Another view of this Wellington, rescued from Loch Ness in 1985
Rolls Royce Kestrel engine, 1930s precursor to the Merlin (see below)
Rolls Royce Pegasus engine (on right) powered the Vickers Wellington
The brilliant Sir George Edwards who started on the shop floor and ended up as Managing Director of Vickers and British Aircraft Corporation (BAC)


…and now to the London Bus Museum: one on our streets in the First World War. Isn’t she a beauty!
Chris and Barry standing next to Simon Douglas Lane’s RT3. We’ve seen Simon several times before!
Another view of Simon’s gorgeous bus, RT3491!
A classic Route Master RM, on a famous route!
Anyone for a ride? An RT workhorse!
The Sultan of Oman’s VC 10, flown by my golf friend Barry Woods. What an enormous plane!


A Rolls Royce Olympus engine, as used in the mighty Concorde, in fact sitting under her wing!
The massive door to Barnes Wallis’ Stratosphere chamber, used for testing in various simulated weather conditions
The famous Merlin aero engine, used in the Spitfire and Hurricane and later used by Rolls Royce and Bentley as a basis for their eight cylinder 6.23 litre motor car engine
The Rolls Royce Tyne engine, a turboprop. First flown in an Avro Lincoln in the mid 50s.
Rolls Royce Nene engine, widely reverse engineered by the Russians and used in their MiGs
Rolls Royce Avon R26, power plant for the Vickers Valiant Bomber
… and another of the stunning shape of Concorde, just to finish off!

Thanks for the visit! Until the next time!







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